Andrea Shapiro DJ Big Drop was creating soundtracks for the world around her long before she started spinning. As far back as high school Big Drop was making mixed tapes for her friends and spent countless hours in record stores and then glued at home to her turntable. Around this time she and her friends were frequenting clubs like The Tunnel, Palladium, and Limelight, and Big Drop learned what made a room get up, get down...and just plain move.

After college she got involved with heading up promotion for one of the first live Hip Hop shows in Manhattan, underneath the former Acme Bar and Grill. These underground rappers along with hip hops greatest (A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys...) made quite an impression on her and she was hooked.

When she made the move to pursue a career as a visual artist, she started bartending to pay the bills - but soon her impromptu musical mixes were demanding more attention than her mixed drinks. She began selling her mixes to other restaurants, bars and healthclubs and eventually Big Drop began DJing at bar/restaurant lounges in NYC on a regular basis.

The Hamptons were her next stop in 2006, where the ocean and laid-back vibe provided a massive dose of inspiration for both her art and her music. In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she continues to pursue all of her passions - music, art and her love for surfing.

To create each amazing experience, Big Drop brings in tracks from every genre, and every era. Whether the moment calls for classic rock, hip hop, disco, soul, funk, house...she delivers what suits the vibe and sets the scene. Big Drop approaches every show like a canvas: "I am just as passionate about music as I am about my paintings and art. I look at DJing as an art form in itself. Selecting each song that I'm going to play, how they transition, reading the crowd and taking them on a's a creative process for me and it's a blast!"